About Royal Q

About Royal Q Bot

Royal Q Bot is a super intelligent app that executes atomized operations and monitored in real time through algorithms of big data, adjusting itself by market conditions in real time 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The company that owns the application is based in the USA, address at;

Business Address: 8605 Santa Monica BLVD #79525
West Hollywood, California 90069

Royal Q Advantages:

Quantitative System

The Royal Q quantitative system adopts a fusion of multi-strategies and multi-tech with a Smart quantitative mechanism. The user only needs to connect either Binance or Huobi API's, select the crypto coin of its choice and a single click to start up.

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Royal Q Never Stores Your Assets

You keep all your portfolio in your Binance wallet or Huobi and RoyalQ has only permission to execute orders and margin calls through a secure API integrated between the Exchange and the RoyalQ app. Therefore, your assets can be withdrawn immediately anytime you judge adequate.

Gain Speed In Your Trading With Royal Q Bot

Real-time strategy According to the different styles of users, one can adjust the real-time operation strategy, RoyalQ will take you through the bull and the bear.

How To Start In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Register FREE.

Get a referral link, fill in the information and create your free registration.

Step 2: Download Royal Q App.

Go to the Google or Apple download store and download the app for free.

Step 3: Activate Your VIP Account

Transfer $120 USDT TRC20 to your account to activate your account to use high level strategies of the RoyalQ app for a full year.

Ways To Profit From Royal Q

i) Connect Royal Q App to your exchange and enjoy the speed of trading.
ii) Be part of the Royal Q Traders Social Network and gain followers for your strategy.
iii) Share Royal Q with your friends, create an affiliate network royalqs.com and get the benefits.

i) Connect The Royal Q App To Your Account On The Binance And Houbi Exchanges

You'll have an amazing experience with the Royal Q app, an intelligent software that was developed for you to take charge of your decisions, you can choose your portfolio, create your strategy, edit your setup at any time, and you can also follow the strategy of one of the several professionals in our Social Network of Traders from all over the World.

ii) Traders Social Network

Royal Q has a Social Network that brings together the best Traders from different countries. You can also become an Adm Trader of a Royal Q Circle by just completing the following goals.

a. Manually complete 100 orders
b. Get a $1000 gain.

Now you can have clients from all over the world following your strategies, and the Rest Royal Q gives you all the time to create your best strategies.

iii) Use And Share

Become an advisor for new affiliates, teach how to use app RoyalQ and get rewarded with an excellent compensation plan. Get ahead, create your affiliate team and get incredible bonuses.


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